3 conference tips: which room setup should you choose for your event?

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Conference organisers often choose a theatre setup out of habit, but if their event involves a lot of interaction or if the participants do not know each other, it might be better to choose a cabaret, carré, or in-the-box set-up. What should you take into account when choosing a room setup?

Tip 1: When making your decision, take into account the use of visuals and sound, the number of speakers, the interaction, and the participants.
If your guests know each other, go with a theatre setup. If not, a cabaret setup (tables with chairs around them) is much more comfortable. It provides people with more room to sit, offers them space to write or put down their cup of coffee and you can have glasses and water ready on the table. This setup stimulates interaction and creates space for networking.

Tip 2: Take into account the amount of interaction.
If there is a lot of interaction between the speakers and the room and among participants, we recommend a carré setup or in-the-box setup, where the speaker is in the centre.

Tip 3: Take into account the type of presentation.
Take into account the type of presentation when choosing your room setup. Do not use a stage or board table if your speaker is using Prezi, Pecha Kucha or another interactive presentation format, and if the presentation format is a more traditional one like PowerPoint, don’t forget to order a presenter. This device will allow the speaker to walk around the room while playing or pausing their presentation from a distance.

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