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Aristo Eindhoven is literally opening its new doors soon! The entrance to the building on Vestdijk has been revamped in order to create a much more open, spacious character. This will help the Eindhoven branch align even better with everything that Aristo stands for.

This modification was the latter in a series of renovations to help modernise the Eindhoven location. For example, the old revolving door has been removed, large glass walls have been installed, special attention has been paid to lighting and the ARISTO name is now prominently featured on the façade. All of this was done with an eye for aesthetics and design, using a combination of natural and sometimes even contrasting materials.

Keeping up with modern times and regional developments
“These renovations are intended to underline our open, hospitable, accessible, and innovative character,” says Monique der Kinderen, general manager of the Aristo family business and second-generation family member. “To be successful, you have to constantly keep innovating and investing when things are going well. Such an approach is not only in line with contemporary culture, but also with the area that we are in. As the beating heart of the Brainport region and candidate city for the title of ‘European capital of innovation’, Eindhoven occupies an important position in the global landscape. As a business, we not only want to go along with this flow; we have to, as many of our future clients will have that same mindset.’

Saying goodbye and looking ahead
“This revamping also serves a second purpose,” Monique continues. “We hope this will make people forget the old Aristo ‘conference centre’, with its pink rugs and vases of artificial flowers, once and for all. That was 33 years ago. Like any other company, we have moved with the times and we now have state-of-the art facilities for meetings, training programmes, conferences and even flexible working. What we’ve learned over the years is that personal contact is still the key to success, even in today’s fast-paced, online world. Our strength lies in facilitating that personal contact by creating an environment that feels right and where every need is taken care of, and by providing plenty of room for people and businesses to meet and grow.”

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