Quality and sustainability as the pillars of our business operations

Aristo greatly values the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, and that goes beyond mere waste separation. Our accommodations have not been awarded the gold Green Key label for nothing; this label signifies the highest possible level of sustainable entrepreneurship within the hospitality industry.

Quality and sustainability are two important pillars in our business operations, and not because maintaining such a policy is on-trend nowadays, but because both of these aspects have been entrenched in our company culture for many years now.

We have also implemented a number of energy-saving and water-saving measures over the years, in accordance with and even exceeding the regulations for the international Green Key sustainability label.

Please go here (PDF) to read our full environmental policy statement.

  • All of our locations are within walking distance of a train station

  • As for sustainable energy, we use 100% green energy at all of our locations

  • We use fair trade products that are purchased at a fair price

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