• A beamer, flip chart and whiteboard are freely available in every room

    Our multifunctional rooms all feature a beamer with a screen, a whiteboard and a flip chart with a range of fresh markers.

  • Technical facilities

    If you require any additional technical facilities, such as a laptop, speaker set, sound system with wireless microphones, or a training set, please let us know; all Aristo branches stock a wide range of audiovisual aids for our visitors to rent.

  • Free wireless Wi-Fi

    All of our rooms have access to our fast Wi-Fi network. If you need Wi-Fi for a multimedia gathering, social media workshop or computer training course, please book one of our computer rooms. These are all fully equipped with quick PCs featuring Windows software, Microsoft Office, internet and data storage.

  • All rooms have natural light and no cumbersome pillars

    All of Aristo’s meeting rooms feature modern furnishings and an optimal working climate with plenty of natural light and fresh air.

  • Lounge areas for group work of break time

    Aristo Eindhoven has several lounge areas where people can work, alone or in groups, no reservations needed.

  • Grand Café and a restaurant with in-house catering

    Our Grand Café and coffee lounges always have a steady supply of freshly ground coffee and you can turn to our restaurant for a healthy lunch or dinner.

  • All-in packages, starting at 2 people for 2 hours

    We offer suitable all-in meeting packages for any type of gathering. Our packages are available at a fixed price per person, including room rental and catering.

  • Events floor ‘De Vierde’ (‘The Fourth’)

    You can rent our events floor exclusively for parties of up to 140 people. The events floor includes our Brainport conference room, 4 breakout rooms and a contemporary hospitality lounge. Your perfect choice for conferences and seminars that end with a networking event!

  • Open in the evenings and at the weekend

    Aristo Eindhoven is open from 7:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays and from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. We can even open up for you on request on Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sundays.

  • Free flexible working

    You don’t need to make reservations to use the flexible workstations in our lounge areas. Our lounge areas all feature free, fast Wi-Fi. Work comfortably on your own or schedule a meeting with a co-worker or client.

This food book is intended to give you an impression of what we have to offer, as well as provide you with inspiration.

After all, every meeting, presentation
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