Roadworks: please check our accessibility beforehand

Publication date: 05-04-2017

A comfortable journey to the Aristo location of your choice is a prerequisite for a good start to your meeting. Unfortunately, we have no control over things like traffic jams, diversions, and train delays. That being said, we can work together to make sure that your participants are prepared for such eventualities when they leave home. We do so by providing accurate information about our locations’ accessibility. If you have a meeting scheduled for the near future in Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Eindhoven, please make sure to check the current travel information and share it with your participants!

Aristo Eindhoven: Altered traffic situation on Vestdijk
The municipality of Eindhoven will be altering the traffic situation on Vestdijk this summer, meaning that the route to Aristo will no longer be a direct one for car traffic. However, the Heuvel Q-park parking garage will remain accessible for car traffic coming in from the south. You will also still be able to leave Eindhoven to the north and east from the parking garage. More information

If you want to know how this development will influence your participants’ journeys, please feel free to contact us via 088-230 10 00.

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