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Working, learning and meeting are part of our daily lives. Do you sometimes feel like you are forced to do everything at too rapid a pace because you have too much on your plate? A training programme here, a meeting there and a packed planner that does not really allow you to have fun, collect new insights and meet new people at the same time.

At Aristo, we see a new trend emerging; companies like to meet up away from their place of business for meetings and there is an increased need for more exercise and relaxation in the workplace. Walking lunches (ArisTo Go) are becoming more and more popular, sometimes even including a 15 to 30-minute walk around the meeting or company location. The great thing about walking and discussing business at the same time is that you are inspired not just by your own thoughts, but also by the things you see outside as you move around. In short, apart from burning calories, your inspiration also operates at the maximum level: a win-win situation!

Even so, working, learning and meeting will always exist in many forms. Consider, for example, a standing lunch or switching tables after every dish to meet new people or create specific moments of consultation. We have noticed that guests often require less time to work things out this way, instead of being stuck in long, boring sessions. Last week, the management board of a large company asked us if they could switch regular meeting rooms with another company or institution. The reason was that they wanted to be inspired and felt a need for something new.

Networking meetings too often consist of a lot of talking and very little content; boring! To break through that pattern, it can be fun to participate in a workshop, meet your peers, have a delicious bite to eat, and even learn something in the meantime. Aristo Connects offers all of this, so please consider this your invitation! Aristo Connect events are not pompous affairs; they are simply about sharing knowledge with your peers and meeting great people to be truly inspired, something that is long overdue for many of us.

So please, feel free to stop by; I would love to talk to you about reinvigorating your inspirational curve.

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