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Did you know that our chefs prepare our delicious dishes live to order during lunch time? And that we also serve wonderful sandwich lunches? Our reservations department frequently receives questions about the catering possibilities at our locations, which is why we have compiled this list of 5 Aristo Food Facts for you.

1. Our sandwich lunch, completely revamped
Did you know that we revamped our sandwich lunch? We now offer a wider range of options, including amply topped buns, triangle sandwiches, and tasty wraps in convenient sizes. Moreover, we have also revamped our flavours. Our sandwich lunches are beautifully presented on trays and étagères. Of course, warm snacks, fruit, milk and buttermilk, and orange juice are all included. Our sandwich lunch costs € 15.95 per person.

2. Live cooking, every day
A wrap with spicy mince, couscous and chicken, Asian grilled satay… Every day, our chefs prepare the most delicious hot meals in the open kitchens in our restaurants. If you choose a package that includes a lunch buffet, live cooking is included in the price!

3. Extensive bistro menu
All of our food is prepared in-house. This enables us to serve you a delicious seasonal or regional dish or tasty snack in no time. Moreover, the dishes we serve vary from day to day. Check out our bistro menu or the menu posters at our Grand Café.

4. Free breakfast for your trainer
An active training day requires a good breakfast: a cup of coffee, a delicious croissant, and some freshly squeezed orange juice. That is why we offer all trainers a free breakfast on request.

5. Perfect for on the road: Lunch to go
If you don’t have time to have lunch at our restaurant, just order a lunch to go! Two delicious sandwiches, a currant bun, a piece of fruit, water and a candy bar, all for € 9.50. Perfect for on the road!

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